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Letter to host family - Nguyen Thi Lien Huong

Choosing to be an au pair in the Netherlands, what I expect does not exclude from my motivations which have been stated above. That is, I would love to experience people’s lifestyle and culture as much as possible

My father is a surgeon, who used to work in the military during the war, and right now is working in the hospital as a dean. My mother is a physician. She has a wide knowledge about medicine and healthcare, which makes me admire her a lot. The last member that makes up my family is my little sister. 4 years younger than me, she is now a high school freshman. My hometown is Haiphong, a big port city to the South East of Hanoi the capital. Since entering college in Hanoi, I left home and live in an apartment with my high school friends. I only come home every two or three weeks, as it takes two hours to travel between the two cities by couch.

As for childcare experience, I used to help my neighbours a lot with taking care of their children when they are away. They often leave their children at my house while being out. Other than that, I am pretty much familiar with working with children. I have a big family with many cousins, and we play with each other a lot. Besides, when I was at high school in my hometown, I used to be a part time volunteer at the school for disabled children. More so, currently I am working as part time translator for ChildFund Vietnam, a child sponsor organization. We translators had chance to visit the poor ethnic children once and spent time with them. In addition, I have been an English tutor for several pupils in Hanoi, with age ranging from 8 to 15 years old. I’ve been doing this kind of job for one and a half year now, almost since I entered college.

There are quite several reasons for which I want to become an au pair in the Netherlands. I must say I was initially attracted by this program because I heard that it is a cultural exchange one. However, after knowing more about it and what I am expected to do as an au pair in the host family, I became even more interested. Firstly, I love children, and I don’t mind playing with them or looking after them though I must admit children are troublesome sometimes. Secondly, I am very much interested in learning about the global culture and life. I’ll have chance to stay with a native family and experience their own lifestyle as well as culture. In my opinion, it is the best way to learn about one country’s culture when you stay among its people. This is also the reason why I chose to take part in this program no matter what, instead of taking another kind of cultural exchange ones or studying abroad. I will go abroad to study in the future of course, but only after I finish my university. However, it is to be another case. Right now, I’d love to experience life with a student’s perpectives.

Although I cannot tell anything in advance, I can promise to be a good au pair. First, it is my love for children that works. Also, I can do housework neatly because I am the eldest child in my family, while my parents are pretty busy, so since younger I have been used to taking care of the house and my little sister. Adding to that, I have been living far away from home for almost 2 years now, which requires me to learn how to fend for myself, and train me the independence. That is why I think I will not fail when it comes to housework and childcare.

Choosing to be an au pair in the Netherlands, what I expect does not exclude from my motivations which have been stated above. That is, I would love to experience people’s lifestyle and culture as much as possible. This is the biggest motivation as well as expectation of mine. Besides, I am also expecting for the language course I will take in the Netherlands. Languages are one of my interests.

There is not much to talk about myself I guess. I am a normal college girl who likes to hang out with friends and take part in social activities. In my free time, I would stick to my computer, read books and listen to music. With my computer, I can do many things, like surfing the Internet, watching movies, doing graphics with Photoshop, making subtitles for movies, taking care of my forums in which I am the administrator, etc. Talking about books, I actually do not read all kinds of books. My favorite type is children books, which give me pleasure and excitement to read such as The adventure of Dunno and his friends, Pippi Longstocking, Little Nicolas, fairy tales, and so on. That goes the same for my type of movies. I don’t like crowds and don’t really want to be in them. I don’t tend to involve in quarrels or fights since I always prefer peace. I am not a very hardworking person sadly, but once I work, I devote my best. I am actually a perfectionist, who has a great passion for what she really likes. Having skills and passion, I hope to be successful in my future career. However, I seem not very aggressive to gain things and am willing to give them to others if they want it.

The above are some basic things about me, and I have tried my best to give you a picture of what kind of person I am. I hope we will get to know each other more in the future. Once again, thank you for choosing me as your au pair and give me chance to live together with you.

Yours truly,

Nguyen Thi Lien Huong

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