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Letter to host family - Nguyen Kim Lien

I feel affection for the Netherlands people and country. I feel that Netherlands people are very friendly and straight. I am a fan of Netherlandish football team in World cup and European cup

Opening and friendliness are my most prominent character. I get on well with all of my four family’s members. Although we are busy at study or work, we regularly have happy meals at weekend. I like to tell about my study or my friends at university when cooking with my mother. My father and brother often leave delicious food for me. Sometime I take some my friends to my home and we cook together. My friends is very kind. We often learn together.

I like flower very much. In my hometown there are not many kinds of flowers. The most popular flower near my house is lotus (in Chinese, my name also means lotus). My childhood is cohesive with these flowers. Lotuses have two colors pink and white, and they only bloom in summer. They have specific smell. Most of the lakes in my home town is full of lotus in summer. I feel very cheery when enjoying lotus in the morning. Sometime I also pluck some flowers to my home for party. I know that Netherlands is a country where many kinds of flowers are planted. I have seen beautiful pictures of your country in the television. Tulip flowers with various colors really have attracted me. I always wish that I could enjoy them with my own eyes once day.

I love children because they are very lovely. I like playing with them. Near my house there are many children. I have taken part in an English class to teach them. They are very intelligent and studious. I like walking in garden or park with children. They are always happy and often ask me amazing questions. I have a 5 years old cousin, Thao. She likes baby dolls very much. When gifted dolls by me, she is really happy. She always tells me to play with her. I am very interested in the way she imagines. She does as if she is mother and, she considers the dolls as her children. She cooks food, take care and go to market. She always offers me to be a seller in the market. We could play together all day. I love her sulk when I refuse to play with her. She reminds me about my childhood.

Cooking is one of my hobbies. I learn cooking from my mother. She could cook very well. Most members in my family really like the food she cooks. I could cook most of popular Vietnamese food. I hope to have chance to cook Vietnamese food for your family. It is very delicious. Because I have ever taken part time jobs in Japanese and European restaurants, I could cook some Japanese and European food. When eating a good dish, I also try to know how to cook it. If possible, I would try cooking it at my home. It is very interesting for me to do.

I feel affection for the Netherlands people and country. I feel that Netherlands people are very friendly and straight. I am a fan of Netherlandish football team in World cup and European cup. Their chivalrous way of playing has attracted me.I also like reading and traveling. The picture-books I like best is Doaremon and Maruko. They are famous picture books for children. It always makes me laugh and relax when reading. In summer, I often spend one week for traveling. I like going to the different lands. The beautiful views always impress me.

Actually, I hope to see you and your family one day so that we could know more each other. Thanks you very much for reading my letter.

Yours truly,

Nguyen Kim Lien

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