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Letter to host family - Phung Dang Hoa Hong

Travelling Europe is my dream for a long time ago. So that i can discover the famous beauty of architectural building there. And the modern beauty of the city.

I was born in Bien Hoa, it takes me 2 hours from there to Ho Chi Minh city by bus. So I must stay at my Aunt’s house in Ho Chi Minh city for study. She has two chidren, the youngest is 3 years old, a cute girl. Her name is An. And I am very fond of her. Maybe her brother is a boy so I was helpful for her. She always follow me, plays with me and snivel to me. My aunt and her husband is always busy with their business to live here, the big city. So when I live their house, I have chance to take care my cousins.

It seems good chance for me. Because I was the only daughter in my family, I like sister so much, when I see my friend and her sister do everything together, I wish I had a sister to play dolls with her, study instrument together, go to swim, … or  cook meal for my parents on their birthday or in others special occasion.

Now I am with my little cousin, am happy now to become a real sister. Five yeas went by and now she is grow up so much, and me, too. I still take her go to school and come home, when finishing at shool I always remember the time to pick her so that she does not wait in long time. I can see her face proud of me when I can come soon. She is happy and never feel lonely, and she make me have that feeling also. When finishing dinner, I must do my homework and that time she study with me. I teach her and her brother English, Mathematic, and help them when they need to learn by heart. It seem my good skill. My friends always tell me to become a teacher in Student’s center but I don’t receive. Because I had a good deal with my cousin, it also help my aunt when I live their house. Its not only work but also be better like something make me happy. In weekend, I often take them go to the park, buy ice_ream or snack when they get good mark at school. It seem encourage them so much and me and their parents are happy also.

The interesting thing I never foget. When she joined the play at school. She is in role as a little rabit. I must help her toprepare the cloths as rabit as possible, both of me find all ways and think all day how to make. It must be nice and attract the kids. I help her learn the words the rabit need to say and how her show… It seem the difficult and important thing for the kid to impress in front of the crowd. We did success and I am happy so much when make her confident like that. We had a liltte party for that. The play ended the year for her topass the higer school.

But once day, she made me go to die. She got sick when their parents have business in Hanoi. Its take 5 hours by plan but that in midnight and take the tickets soon is impossible. I and her brother took the ice in towel, let it on her forehead to low degree. I also let medicine in arse-hole. That kind of medicine always in our fridge. I need her brother to look her and I must to cook rice porriddge for her to get health soon. Its my traditional way to help the patient. My mamy said pepper and onion can push cold. Because after eat little, she allowed to drink medicine. Her brother and me find all ways to make her fun and try to eat .When she sweat so much, it the time push cold and she feel better. When their parents come home to care her, that is the time her brother and me go to bed. The worried night went.

This year I must move to live with my group to do project for graduation. We must to do everything together . its need for group work. Help each other to do other parts in project. When I am free, I took my little girl to my place, she is very fun and my friends love her so much. She is so cute, she sing every song I teach her and her voice make my friends fun, when she changed teeth, there r some hole and she always ask me when they appear again. I just told her u need to be a good girl, brush them every day and they will be come back. She trust me and I always try to do right thing to be an axample to her and her brother. I often tell them about my study, how difficul and interesrted is it. Tell them about the dream to go abroad, and they are must  go abroad to when they have chance. Go abroad help we grow up so much, open our mind and have chance to be successful more.The only thing to do that they need to learn English hard when I teach them. And I am also.

Travelling Europe is my dream for a long time ago. So that i can discover the famous beauty of architectural building there. And the modern beauty of the city. The one thing ,i know Netherland is the country of tulip flower that impresses me for a long time ago. When i was young, i read the novel named black tulip and I admire them till now . I know there is the football team name Ogrange storm.

I am so thankful Aupair program also.  I have no chance to make my dream come true but Aupair progam can help me to do that. Hope u agree with it ,that is happy to me. I can share my knowlegde  about my country. Its growning up to stand up after th destroying of the big  war ! I can tell my friends in your country about the food, novel,story “con rong chau tien” , how Vietnamese work hard, the shape of Vn look like the word "s" with so many long wonderful beaches . The most magical is Halong bay is voted top ten place of the world.there Phu quoc island named “Asian pearl”! How nice and peacful Vietnam is, like your country.

So if i can live there in comunication, I can exchange  better and improve the knowlege so much more. Opening  knowledge more means the best  thing for every country over the world  closes more.  The magical thing can happen when I live there, my emotion for that country is higher like  for my country.  There so lovely people I live with I never forget!

All the best 

Phung Dang Hoa Hong     

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